Thursday, June 8, 2017

Play me

Master Player.  Chameleon.  I am who you need me to be.  Mime.  My voice is silenced.  Architect.  I live in a world I helped you to create.  You say angel.  I give.

This guilt weighted solid.  Manipulation bears compliance.  Bend shape me.  Free form you mold me.  I am caged. Those who keep me, selfish.  I am afraid.  Exposed.  See me.  This smile fades in shadow.  In fight hers is a life alone uprooted tethered to nothing no one. False blood pours through her veins.  An empty river.  They share nothing no one.  They are no longer.

If you look.  Remnants memories of fondness.  Achingly remembered. Stories like folklore woven into her core.  Fables once beloved die a fairytale.  Loose threads. No chapter unwritten.  I will.  I do.  I have.  I give.  Spent needing.  No measure of belonging.  Unrequited.

She is queen of her tribe.  Her feathers worn.  Triumphant in her darkest battles worn in her path to freedom.  Her drum beats loudly.  Vibrations shake loose the soil beneath her slippers.  Wizened.  She tells her story in the fires that blaze.  The heroes.  The fallen.  Majesty in recovery. 

Caged. Contained only within this vast wondrous space we exist.  Our souls bound to an earth of our choosing.  This reality mine.  I offer nothing.  From the ashen flames the eagle rises.  Ripe for transformation.  I am a fucking square in a world of circles.  I choose this.  This is my song.  This is my dance.

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