Monday, June 5, 2017


Self-discovery is exploration.  Removal of boundaries.  Elimination of fear exposure judgement.  In my life I have had this idea of who I was who I wanted to be.  My eyes into this world my health my journey.  I cowered.  While free I felt restraint chained to the chasms of the old thought processes that beleaguered any real progress.  I faltered in the shadows of those I perceived worthy their expertise.  They looked, felt and were the epitome of what I idolized.  False idols.

My soul bled.  Each of my stories releasing triumph and sorrows from a path taken each integral to who I am today.  But I have so much more to give.  Connecting to the girl beneath.  Awakening her thoughts her desires to be all blossoming a flower unfurled reaching to the heat of the sun.  In this journey I invite you to come with me.  See through these eyes.  

Through the songs that move me shape me carry me.  In the calm that soothes me inspires me.  The foods that nourish me.  How I am loved.  I take this life and challenge myself to be more do more.  Come.  Share in this with me my story is your story.  Kindred we will laugh and cry.  As I relearn this life push these boundaries and fight for what is real I want you with me.  Our choices.  Our beliefs.  How exciting this walk undefined into what is new. I welcome this. 

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