Sunday, June 4, 2017

in my head

This space.  Doubt filled challenging what is right.  A father teacher and guide.  His voice an echo strong forbearing.  Solemn.  What is right his truth.  A mother’s guilt.  Inside my head a desire to escape the noise the path that I have taken wanton to explore what lays dormant unfulfilled unexplored.  My purest desires.  I want to sing.  Let me soar lend my voice to the angels carry me high in their wings freedom is mine. Dare I?

I want.  I need.  I feel.  Who cast their stones on freedom, of choice? A path divergent a whisper of denial.   Judging me scorning me.  A false god his pedestal crumbles swallowing his righteousness showing his reality releasing me from his tenacious hold.  Let me be.  Who judges me?

The girl.  Perfection in her story.  A façade shallow.  Daughter dutiful.  Sister convenient.  Woman of no substance chameleon.  She sheds this skin.  The air sweet fragrant with flower in bloom.  A gentle wind whispers across a blue sky bright with sun.  She is naked her soul bared for all who thought they knew her.  She smiles for she is finally free.  

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