Friday, June 2, 2017

Do you see me?

I see not color or shape.  I hear words spoken.  Feel touches gentle.  Honesty and truth achieved when there is no measure.  I see not man.  Or woman.  Child or privileged.  Equality granted on what is borne of within.  What we create.  How we give.  I am my voice my thoughts and my gifts.  All freedom costs.  Thin veneers of pretense mask our reality.  Shed your second skin bare your soul. 

When I close my eyes.  Your sound rings clear.  Muddled not with external prejudice.   Your creativity and kindness, tender heart and willpower all strengths defining you.  No longer hidden in shadow.  My light bright.  Eyes closed. We kiss knowing only lips.  All of our sorrow and pain unmasked wanting to be seen. All that is broken. Damaged. Exposed and fragile.  Our new truth.

This balance.  We are all the same.  Stripped of our shells.  Freedom to be.  Our breath our purpose revealed. Glorious we unite.  In death our souls pass through leaving what must not be valued.  This new sight blessings explored and discovered.  Health. Happiness. Love. Friendship.  Uprooted our core lifted is no longer counted.  This is me.  Do you see me?

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