Wednesday, May 31, 2017

a path taken

This journey fated.  I am here.  Music fills me.  Pumping fast through my veins.  A heart pulsing. I live.  I feel strong and free.  You are seated next to me.  Hands entwined hearts connected.  With you I dare.  A soul beautiful meant to be.  You begin with me. 

A soul lost.  Renewed hope. A second chance.  In you I dare.  You grant me this wish.  A desire fulfilled.  No judgement.  You complete me.  And we dance.  The absence of Sun and cloaked in darkness we discover.  Your gift to me.  Truth raw and exposed.  Linger here in this moment.  You give me hope.

Faith ignorant of religion demands attention.  Look to see what I already know.  It is written.  The stars light my path.  I am here.  This is my destiny.

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