Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It's time

Inside are all these lies.  We try to make sense of them.  We reconcile them.  We wrap them in understanding.  We pretend they don’t exist. But we are just ok with them.

And no matter how much we think we have changed on the outside everything that is building on the inside is fighting to come out.  It’s time.  You can only pretend for so long.  You can only find happiness in what is false for so long. 

You sit on bended knee and you pray to your God.  And your faith.  You meditate.  You transcend.  It is irrelevant.  All of that is designed to help you make sense of the lies that are inside.  Good people have lies inside of them.

This life.  Is not so simple.  It is not so pure.  There is meaning in this chaos. I cannot breathe. My thoughts do not conquer this heart.  I cannot hear what you do not say.  Silenced I am afraid.  I am the great pretender.  I cannot fear your goodbye.  With eyes averted I do not see.  Ashes of this fire burnt. This soul broken held in your world.  Bruised. It's time.

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