Monday, July 3, 2017

make a wish

She is awake.  Finally.  This life ended.  Stillness. Her heart silent.  It beats for no one.

Do you remember her?  Her smile bright easy.  Who mourns this lost soul or cries for her.  Do you miss what you could not understand?  Perhaps you could not see. Misguided she was lost.  Parts of her missing.

Did you see her?  She saw nothing.  No way out.  There was no hope only pain.  Real pain.  Tears unshed.  Her armor strong.  Her will unbroken. She laughed.  She danced.  The audience loved her.  Her performance brutal honest.  We admired her strength. 

A rose wilted.  Her petals stained torn.  Her light diminished.  She felt unloved truly loved by no one.  Her branches heavy.  Windswept her leaves fell gently to the dampened soil her roots exposed.  To whom was she connected.  Her wings clipped.

Her uncaged self, soars.  Begging freedom across the clear sky kissing the wind with lips so pure.  He forgives her.  He knows her pain her sorrow.  This world too big.  She takes breath.  She takes flight this momentum borne of her fragility.  She is an eagle.  At peace she returns home.

Who mourns for her I wonder. Her story alive.  Crimson tarnishes the wood beneath her. Finally at peace.  Stillness.  This heart silent.  This soul released.  Her breath gentle upon the dandelion seeds to carry her wishes home and set her free.    

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