Sunday, July 2, 2017

Her Freedom

She tells no one.  She is simply lost.  Her mind unfocused deliberate chaos.  This mountain she climbs.  Steals her breath.  She is so tired.  Angst at what will be.  Her burdens freed.  There is no fix.  Her soul battered weary.  Her soul cries for release.  All things small heavy she is weighted.  There is freedom in the horizon.  There is no new.  Her chains broken marring her fragile skin.
Tethered to no one she stands alone rootless.  She mourns this future knowing it must be.  She desires simply self.  Know her.  Let her dance. 

Children weep.  They do not understand.  They shout at her.  Coward.  Their bonds released. They pretend.  Their tears unshed.  Cast into the murky waters she fights for light for breath.  Their stones thrown deep.  She is alone.

All she was she discards.  She is without self.  Her choices fresh this territory undiscovered.  Who hears her when she cries laments her troubled heart.  She has bled a thousand deaths needing her truth.  Never worthy.  Her life was his life and her story their protection.  Her shouts unheard.  Her pain unfelt.  
Her joy anew.  She whispers each day a new blessing.  Forgive her this pain she brings. Understand she needed to be saved.  Freedom comes at this cost.  Her smile formed with thine tears. A heart uncaged remains broken.  Set her free.  Will this new world be enough giving her what she believes she wants what she desires.  A life ordinary blessed.  A life finally hers.

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