Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In his memory

Do we mourn the soul less than perfect?  Do we forgo the false in memory of the man?

Forgive each of us our failures.  Gentle pulls the heartstrings when fear scores chance.  Vivid are the mainstay of his gifts.  A delight in the word splayed across a page spinning fantasy, tragedy and romance.  Teacher of my strength lifting high a belief in all I could be.  Quelling the shy and awkward delivering actions where wishes breathed.  Beribboned pedigree through an unrelenting iron vision.  I blossomed emergent wings alight in his shadow.  He was my courage, voice, worth and my heart.  His daughter.

A thin veil of glass a shattering of this perfect self, shards of a soul undefined an untethered identity flailing in insecurity.  His memories fade in distance.  Selfless tears to mourn all I remembered to be true and good and joyous.  A family broken renewed in what continues to bless us a firmer hold on those who remain true in this journey.  

Sorrow and loss of a childhood hero I will forever miss my dad.  There is no grief.  No remorse.  There is no grace in a path taken without honor.

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