Saturday, April 29, 2017

Inside the man

You are shiny.  Charming and pretty.  Big engines with whirring noises and complicated cogs and wheels warrant your full attention.  Little things annoy you.  Your suit is pressed and you smell delicious.  A glint in your eye and the way you tilt your chin when you address me divine.  Everything you do is complicated.  With mere moments of your time I feel precious wanted adored.  It is meaningless.  The same story delivered again and again.  Perfection on the outside.

You feel zero regret.  I wonder if you see me beyond the short skirt, bright smile.  I love your confidence.  You are bold and daring.  You drive a fancy car and make me blush with a simple wink.  You are shallow and unfeeling.  You are only in the moment.

You are real.  Your smile.  This you I can see and touch.  Ever confident still you take care to let me know I matter.  No pretense or glitter and glam it is all you.  Physical moments raw to the core.  Character is your strength.  Truthful and funny you make me laugh.  There is something oh so sexual in your imperfections.  You make me smile when I am with you.  Inside you are glory.

Tattered jeans and souls.  Weathered faces and worn hearts.  Be true to what matters.  Love what is simple.  Taste me.  Getting to know you. Inside the man the heart beats stronger.  Revel in his whiskers his beauty his sweetness and gentle soul.  See not his arena desire his intelligence and kindness and his words.  Seek him.  Give me this heart for you are what I need you to be inside and out.  The man inside.

Shun what is empty for what is true.  Only beyond the surface breathes reality.

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