Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I am awake

Insight the spoils of observation.  Seeing what perhaps has been there your entire being living in shadows and whispers.  A chance game amongst the real players the voices behind the power.  Ciphered reality hidden in plain view a modern whodunit with real stakes puppeteers of this master race.   Power and corruption, greed and lust feasting on the human psyche cultivating devastation and collapse fueling the frenzy of the everyday people oblivious and believing in their carefully constructed and wonderfully reenacted version of reality. 

Drowning in fake news heady from over-stimulation and disbelief at the merest hint of impropriety.  I cannot be fooled or was I? Conspiracy in its red cloak blanketed in anonymity battling the machine hero to the underdog.  A virtual media pipeline bursting with source and fact and controversy.  Who do you choose to believe?  We have the haters and snowflakes, plotters and politicians and those dripping in their wealth and jewels and secrecy scripting the rebirth of new world order from the ashes of our demise.

Spirituality a gift of self-exploration making sense of being, salve for the damaged soul nurturing an inner peace.  A soother of a frayed society replacing ills with understanding and consciousness.  Challenge the definition of acceptable, make noise and seek a guided connection to knowing and seeing more.  Want more.  Demand more. Change is the flower of knowledge.  I am awake.

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