Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Catch & Release

When my dad first left there was a period of mourning – even as an adult child reconciling your parents as two separate entities we must puzzle this new piece into our world, making sense of it and figuring out where it fits.  Defining the dynamics of what is left assembling a new normal for you.  In this discovery and in my role championing my mom through proceedings I unearthed a Pandora’s awareness of the person – obliterating the role model, teacher, protector, the man that I believed I knew. But this is not his story.

Rules that have guided everything that you have done – how you have lived, choices you have made.  And suddenly someone has changed the game.  An exhilarating epiphany celebrating the release of chains that bound you ill-fitting.  A gift to explore what it is that makes you who you are giving flight to ambition and fancy.  When the picket-fence and border collie is no longer relevant and a permission slip is not required. 

Possibility a heady scent.  Birth of the woman from the ashes of the girl.  Free handing her color and shape discovering what makes her happy, what brings her joy and sorrow.  This new normal is her new truth.  Her choices and her rules.  This is my story.