Sunday, July 23, 2017


Happiness is temporary. Captured pockets of joy. Filling you. Making you smile. Euphoria as it penetrates you filling you completely. As the sun awakens filling the sky with glorious light it rises powerful mighty. Darkness returns silencing every color letting free little pieces of light in its wake.

My heart longing for normalcy. Seeking fulfillment. Wanton to discover some happiness. It will be lost when the sun shines welcoming the morrow. Just a few moments more of his smile his touch. Memories faded with time.

Ever changing. Who is this girl? Was she ever loved or simply a fleeting moment in your life. Carefree unweighted her soul transcended to a new universe where she could be everything she wanted. You caused this. You lifted her made her whole and left her broken. There were no promises. You cannot take back what you never gave. Her fragile heart shattered hidden bereft of light no one will ever know.

She is surrounded by people. Her voice alive in her stories her songs. Her eyes alight. She walks strong amongst the living bearing no witness to what lay dormant beneath the veil. This is all temporary. Tomorrow she will rise and dance. She will seek the sun. Love her children. One step further from what had finally betrayed her was stole from her. From this she moves onward. Fragmented. She may never be whole again.

Unfiltered by society’s poison she refuses to still her brain with tainted reality. Manufactured bliss. She would rather feel. Every sound touch sorrow presses upon her snatching her breath stealing her slowly tearing her into pieces. This is only temporary.

Who is this girl if not your friend your lover your daughter. Is she enough when she looks towards the mirror. Who stands behind her as she stares blankly ahead? Is this only temporary?

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  1. Devastating and awesome at the same time Tissy. Heart breaking.