Thursday, July 6, 2017

At last

This plan.  Far from perfect. But it exists. Goals within grasp. Trepidation seeded in new soil. Its birth takes root but needs sun and rain to nurture.  Comfort drawn in the unlikely. Shelter in the strong.  You become who you need to be to survive. In belief courage spreads its wings. Possessor of my own verdict. Exonerated from those who decry my desires I choose this.

Fruition is borne of idea. Life spreads its wings evolution.  There is no miracle only perseverance. Let it be. Whose voice is this? This shoulder I lay my worried head upon is thine.  I am the keeper of my destiny. Wisdom is borne of trial and error. This joy. Exultation at all she claims.

My story written. A path divergent. Would he know her now want to see who she has become? Beauty defines every step forward. She glows with anticipation. She has seen truth in pain. Fear not what you have experienced. All she has done inspires this. She will not be felled. She is. At last.

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