Sunday, July 30, 2017


All that she is she is not. And in death she is finally free. Through failure she is alive.

With clipped wings. She can no longer fly. An angel fallen. Who will save her. This light diminished. She is bereft.

Bring her diamonds. Let her glitter. Wrapped in tulle.  Gentle is her breath. A whisper of wind in flight.

She is earth. Wisps of sand scattered wayward. Bound to nothing her soul uncaged.

Stars beckon. She wanders across the night sky needing to shine.

In death she escapes. Pity and sorrow. From haste and worry she survives. What is broken earthen. A spirit lifted to the heavens where she may slowly exhale.

Divinity in loosened chains. She clings to noone. New joy in the release of burden.

This angel. Lives in hope. The shadows of mercy. She is forsaken.

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