Monday, June 19, 2017

with this voice

Choose yourself.  A small voice tells you otherwise.  Force in the thousand voices it commands.  Shouting at you.  Faceless.  Cowardice.  Victims too of the game.

Change.  This heat from within excites.  Pleases.  An awakening spiritual.  Physical.  Knowing who you are.  Who you have always been.  Filled.  Unmasked your destiny a reflection of the soul untethered.  This heart beats strong.  Desire heavy in your loins. Wanton.  Simple need lay heavy upon your breast.  Kiss these lips.  Taste the woman.  Unchained explore her soft curves. Mind of steel. Touch her. She soars. Her wings kissing the wind. A miracle.  Her enlightenment.

Smile soft. This choice.  Discover her know her be her. Fists risen we rejoice.  Celebrate the girl the woman.  Her decision her independence.  Silent no longer.  She feels renewed in her strength. Mighty is the victor who reaches for sky settles not for less than deserved.  This stake.  This ground.  Spoils of war. Bask in the beauty of a woman un-denied.  Chapter one.  Can you feel her?  A woman on fire.

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