Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Two souls lost.  One heart beating. A path separate entwined. Together.  Past loss lays buried. A troubled soul.  Aloof his indifference is but fear. His hurt. His pain. Keeps him chained.  His light shines bright. I am blinded but he does not see.  I see his good.  His word is my truth. This heart falters. 

Unchained. Freedom in my grasp. I am warned. His hands push me away. Gentle he keeps me close. I breathe finally.  I wrap his arm around me. I gather him near to breast. He fills me.  With him I discover who I was meant to be. This barrier. He pushes. I wonder does he see me.

His sorrow tears at my soul. He teaches me. His art his voice his story.  He is untethered. This man.  His voice proclaims choice and peace and love.  His soul bared he is a mere man battered broken neglected.  Do you see him? He is gentle and kind.  Feel his strength.  He is his own God inspired by this universe. 

As we lay. I feel his warmth. Every freckle. Scar. I need this.  I need him.  This.  Us.  His face in passion in joy in sadness. His heart with mine. For this moment.  Does he see what I see?  Does he miss me when I am gone?

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