Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Of this child

This war.  Insanity decries our freedoms.  Takes our children.  Our hearts bleed.  Innocence lost this false cry in the name of a higher power. Madmen breathe in our air as they lay with the sheep.  Night stars light up their sky.  I wonder whether his mother weeps.

A single candle vigilant, voices our fear our disgust.  A mourning reserved paying false homage in colors and song we come together as one.

Silenced her memory lives.  Rest eternal we pray not in vain.  She carries her heart in her hands.  Her life no more.  He does not dance at her wedding.  First dance kiss love lay covered beneath shallow soil unrequited. 

This mother weeps.  This loss unimagined briefly comforted in community.  The crowd dissipates.  She remains forever wanton for what she cannot have.  This daughter.  His sibling.  Her friend.  His wife.  Their son.  Gone.  Who is victor in this war unclaimed? 

Today we lose our children.  On this 22nd day a loss unimaginable.  This memory fades.  In the tombs and stories of our history brethren lost who fights.  This humanity.  This soul broken.

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