Friday, April 14, 2017

the risen

You smile and it is real.  You trade laughter on cue forgiveness in slight let acceptance drive direction. You want to be liked.  Sleight of hand you walk the shadows.  Checking each of the life moment boxes working through the system.  Doing what you have been designed to do a societal more literal interpretation. Weighted in influence shaping you molding you to be everything they are not or can ever be or have ever dreamed of. Underwhelming sameness. A bright shiny penny blackened.   

A sweet blossom buried deep beneath the petals slumbers deeply in thaw.  The gentle sensual awakening in warm wind and dew kissing your face upturned into the morning sun.  You at the very core.  Not who they tell you to be.  Breaking imaginary boundaries that bind holding you fast to that which you desire no longer.  A field without fences. 

Ever wide the distance between my two selves then and now.  Passionate awakening.  Heightened awareness of every cell ripe with desire to taste the dark beyond the walls freedom.

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