Saturday, May 13, 2017

When there is love

When there is love.  Joy lives.  You are strength inside. A shell imperfect unseen.  A fire fueled of ember burning bright.  If there is hope.  Faith restores.  A soul fulfilled.  In harmony bliss is savored a touch yet tender. 

This flower in bloom a meadow of fragrant beauty.  A gentle breeze light touch kisses tenderly the curve of my lips.  A warmth inhaled whispered in touch rich with desire.  Captive heart.  A voice pure, simple and real.  I discover me. 

When there is light.  A shadow in wait dances alone.  Her face upturned a blush.  There is power deep in her belly.  She believes in herself.  She is strong.  She is free.

When there is song.  She dances.  She moves liquid fluid lustful.  In self she soars.  Courageous and worthy deserving.  She is finally living.  Dreams of who she can be.  Who she is.

When there is love.  A heart uncaged. What she dreamed, wanted her reality.  This kindness this laughter.  Her spirit reborn.  She rediscovers a girl lost.  A sorrow that is past gilds the path to what is fresh and new.  In this new normal her soul light her heart open.  When there is freedom she becomes filled this heart with happiness.  She matters.

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