Monday, November 28, 2016

Detoxing the soul

I am seriously considering jumping on the trending technology detoxification bandwagon.  Within reason of course given I work in the IT industry and am beholden to the tools of my trade.  But I am keen to divest myself temporarily from the tweets and posts and graphic images that capture everyday life for the hordes of society.  I need to breathe.  I have become somewhat imprisoned in this virtual reality world where a generic emoji however well-intentioned would validate me.  While I have liked and loved or expressed sorrow or reposted sharing fragmented stills of my life, life was happening right outside my android window.

An episode in Black Mirror a modern Twilight Zone captured the insanity of a world obsessed with social media a fanatical desire to be adulated by the faceless thousands vying for a perfect score.  Losing who you are to be what they want you to be. I am just an ordinary girl who laughs too loudly and thinks too much.  I lost that girl who put pen to paper spinning yarn, and waxing poetic in her weekly column or in her blog.  I want to go back and recapture that simple joy I had in writing. 

A magnificent never-ending newsreel of life leaks, orchestrated glimpses into our lives – our sport teams, political views or shock and awe at horrific human rights deprivations, solidarity, raw sexual innuendo and extreme personal betrayal or pain.  Our story our feelings marked indelibly in fewer than one hundred words and the perfect emoticon to help deliver this vital message to your followers.  And should we have regrets, lest we be judged we can obliterate the memory, the thought from the virtual chasm of space or so we believe.

I am overjoyed at the abundance of virtual love from my blue like and red heart regulars and particularly to those who take a few additional keystrokes to share a personal word or two.  A decluttering of a soul mired in banality wanting to spread her wings and soar across a blue sky streaked with sunlight.  The freedom from over-expression to once again discover what is so perfect about imperfection.  Time to reach out beyond the cyber walls taking my thoughts and stories to the cement and stone streets.  Hmmm….