Saturday, April 8, 2017

Who do you want me to be?

Tell me what I should wear.  Tell me what to think.  Take my hand and lead this dance.  I will follow.  Take the moon and the stars and tell them when to shine.  Sprinkle fairy dust in the wind.  Let it whisper.  Carry our voices across the sky.  Our secrets will be set free.  Our burdens no more. 

Dance lightly across the meadow.  Standing tall against the reeds and the willows.  Swim deep in the still waters wishing afar for a penny tossed.  Hold my hand and pull me with you.  Raise my eyes when you want me to see.  Daring greatly hopes and wishes hiding sins that I must bear. 

When teardrops glisten and cobwebs tremble in the slightest of winds.  Seek solace in the cover of darkness.  Tell the sun to raise again in the morning.  A moment of peace in still and in sleep.  What shall I dream of?  Brought to life the unreal the imagined.  Here I am alive.  Here I can breathe.  Here I can be me.  Tell me who do you want me to be? 

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